My Committee Participation 2014 - 2018

Community Services Committee

  • Chair of this committee from 2015 to current 
  • Approved the Bell Park parking lot redevelopment
  • Approved budget for additional soiled needle pick up 
  • Approved the donation of a City Facility to CMHA  (Canadian Mental Health Association) to deliver services such as out of cold shelter, managed alcohol programs and more
  • Approved the playground revitalization plan, in partnership with United Way. 
  • Approved the development of a transit optimization plan 
  • Approved the transfer of housing reserve funds to building of new affordable housing units.

Emergency Services Committee

  • Chair of this committee from 2016 to current  
  • Enhanced the transparency of calls for service with bimonthly detailed report added to public agenda
  • Approved 2 new full-time front-line paramedics
  • Approved additional permanent full training officers for Fire Fighters
  • Enhanced the number of volunteer Fire Fighters.
  • Approved the purchase of a new remote response vehicle for Paramedics 

Planning Committee

  • Vice-Chair of this committee from 2016 to current 
  • Approved phase 1 of the official Plan updates
  • Approved the zoning applications for multiple subdivision across Greater Sudbury
  • Approved the zoning applications for multiple seniors` complex 
  • Approved the zoning for a new long-term care facility
  • Approved multiple large watershed studies 
  • Approved various applications for extensions on planned subdivisions.

Outside Board Participation

Public Health Sudbury & Districts Board of Directors

  • Chair Board of Directors from 2015 to current 
  • Member of the Executive Committee
  • Member of the Finance & Audit Committee
  • Approved service delivery changes and or enhancements as requested by staff
  • Approved a new 5 year strategic plan
  • Approved the integration of an Indigenous Engagement strategy

Greater Sudbury Hydro Board of Directors

  • Vice-Chair Board of Directors from 2015 to current 
  • Member of the Finance & Audit Committee
  • Member of the Governance Committee
  • Maintained one of the lowest hydro distribution rates in Northern Ontario
  • Approved the process to update the governance terms of reference
  • Approved the financing plan for multiple projects to enhance the delivery hydro to the customers.

Pionneer Manor Committee of Management

  • Approved the proposed design of the redevelopment  and upgrade of 150 beds 
  • Ensure accountability reports on patient care met Ministry standards
  • Enhanced francophone programming and signage 

Advisory Panel

Solide Waste Advisory Panel

  • Chair of this advisory panel to Council from 2015 to current 
  • Improved the request form for additional medical waste home pick-up
  • Provided feedback on recycling containers sizes for residential blue box.
  • Provided feedback with educational materials sent to residents on solid waste, green bins & blue box
  • Provided input on the new "waste wizard" website tool.