My commitement to you

New initiatives

  • I will bring a motion forward to include crack sealing of local roads. I believe preventing the breakdown of our roads is more cost effective as a preventative measure. This practice was stopped years ago but in order to keep our roads in better condition longer we must prevent them from deteriorating. The City’s current policy is to do crack sealing on all the highways and major/collector roads but not on local roads. I would like to see us prevent our local roads from getting worse and increase their life cycle.
  • I will bring a motion that will permit staff to pursue new innovative methods to build our roads
  • I will ensure to enhance the walking trails at Howard Armstrong. Ensure to adopt the non-official section of trail into official trails, make the enitre trail fully accessible ( AODA accessibility standards) so everyone can use them, and integrate this work simultaneously as the City proceeds with the development of a twin pad arena facility. 
  • I would like to develop the Centennial arena lands into a “Terry Fox” style Baseball complex. The City owns enough land to build 2 more baseball fields, a renovated field house, with washrooms and storage for baseball associations that require the space.
  • I will submit a motion to develop a Kalmo Beach redevelopment master plan. Many residents from the Valley attend Kalmo beach (at the end of Sandy beach rd) for a day in the park, and many have shared with me that it is in desperate need of a face lift, and I could not agree more. In working with the Ward 5 Councillor & VE CAN (Community Action Network) I would like to propose that staff commence the development of this master plan which includes public consultation.
  • Continue working with the Federal government to receive additional funds from the “affordable housing grant”. This would add additional, retirement home spaces, assisted living as well as income-based housing. As our population ages we must ensure we meet their needs
  • I will also continue working with the General Manager of Community Safety to enhance Volunteer Fire Fighter recruitment and training as well as maximizing their use with medical tiered response training in far rural areas that would require additional help when patients are unconscious or in cardiac arrest. 
  • I will bring a motion forward to enhance the Valley/Capreol Paramedic coverage. Valley East has had the same coverage since its amalgamation, yet we have grown  immensely  and the 911 calls for Paramedics Services in the Valley have increased significantly. I would like to see another 24 hours rotation of coverage in the paramedic service that would assist in the response times during the peak hours for the Valley and Capreol
  • Continue working with “Good Neighbours food bank”, to find them a permanent home to ensure we assist those who require this service. 
  • Eliminate where possible City vehicles that are assigned permanently (as personal vehicles) to individual staff.

Ongoing work

  • Continue to work toward a speed reduction solution for Elmview drive
  • Continue to ensure roads chosen to be redone include roads from Ward 6
  •  Continue working towards actioning a solution for the vehicle crowding on St-Michel Street in Hanmer by St-Anne School  
  • Continue to work with staff to enhance the ditching program 
  • Continue to ensure updates to infrastructure include the smaller items not only the large capital items
  • Continue working with community partners to reduce the amount of soiled needles in public spaces